The Research Center for Animal Improvement of Tropical Livestock (CIMAGT), the main organizing entity, the Pasture and Forage Research Institute, the Cuban Association of Animal Production (ACPA) and the Livestock Business Group (GEGAN) are pleased to invite you to participate in the VI International Congress on Animal Improvement 2022. Science for livestock that will be held from November 15 to 18, 2022 at the Havana Convention Center.

On this occasion, the event will take place in face-to-face and virtual modalities, respecting the distancing health measures and the health protocols approved in the country. The event will be a propitious framework for the celebration of the V International Workshop on Animal Genetic Resources. l International Buffalo Workshop. II International Sheep-Goat Symposium (OC). IV International Symposium on Agroecological Livestock (SIGA 2022) and IX International Workshop on Phytogenetic Resources (FITOGEN 2022).

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