Inaugurated XX Scientific Convention of Engineering and Architecture

The XX Scientific Convention on Engineering and Architecture, inaugurated this Monday at the Havana Convention Center, will provide a space for debate and exchange of experiences regarding sustainable development among the national and international scientific, academic, and professional community.

During the presentation of the Magisterial Conference: Science, technology and innovation macroprogram: contribution to the Government Management System, Inés María Chapman Waugh, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic, explained that its main premises are: to consolidate and modernize the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI).

In addition to aligning the innovation of the productive transformation of the development of new activities, as well as promoting the generation of knowledge for business competitiveness and the improvement of public administration.

He explained that the projects listed within the macroprogram respond to the economic and social policy guidelines approved at the 8th Party Congress, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

The Deputy Prime Minister highlighted that among the main advances lies the increase in financing funds for innovation in high-tech companies, in interface companies, among other institutions; as well as the elevation of human potential from the Pre-university Institutes of Exact Sciences and the Doctoral Training Systems in the universities.

Roberto Morales Gómez Crespo, rector of the José Antonio Echeverría Technological University of Havana (Cujae) stated that this conclave gives the opportunity to form academic networks, propose new projects for a sustainable future, increase collaboration and exchange of experiences between universities, institutes research and forms of management related to scientific-technical progress.

He pointed out that parallel to this edition, an exhibition fair has been organized that reflects the Cujae’s link with the production and services sector, as a contribution to the SNCTI.

The event convened by the governing center of Technical Sciences in Cuba will take place until December 2, days during which it will host 11 main events, the presentation of 110 foreign speakers from 15 countries, and around 400 national participants.

Also present at the inaugural meeting were Jorge Luis Perdomo Di Lella, Vice Prime Minister of the Republic; Walter Baluja García, First Deputy Minister of Higher Education; Alicia Alonso Becerra, vice minister of the MES; as well as other directors of other state management organizations.

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