XIX Congress of the Cuban Nursing Society | SOCUENF 2022

Health is a human right, due to its social dimension it requires the will of the governments of the countries, where the different sectors of society intervene, aimed at guaranteeing total coverage of qualified human resources that improve the health of the populations, prolong and raise the quality of life of people, families and the community, developing actions for health promotion, prevention of modifiable risks, rehabilitation, healing and continuous patient-centered care, as well as satisfaction with the services offered.

Among the challenges of the nursing profession is to have a body of knowledge and skills obtained through research, teaching and management, which can increase their competence, improve the coverage and quality of services, plan effective and efficient care systems. , covering the needs of the population at any level of care.

Nursing services are essential to promote health, prevent disease and renew care for people, based on the values ​​of equality, solidarity and social justice, with an active role in community actions, leaders in the development of systems services, in achieving universal coverage and access, collaborating in the development of a prosperous and sustainable health agenda for health systems.

Nurses and nursing are under increasing pressure, including regular reviews and reorganizations, facing changes in service delivery and care models, as well as financial pressures, expanding scopes of practice, and heightened expectations about what that the nursing workforce must achieve, a situation more evident in recent years that have been marked by the global crisis unleashed as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

There are numerous ways that nurses can contribute to the development of strong and resilient health systems at the local, national and global levels, as well as providing guidance for both nurses and policymakers. The tools, information and ideas for action will help and encourage nurses and National Nurses Associations (NNAs) to engage in policy making to ensure a thriving and sustainable health agenda.

With the objective of socializing experiences of the actions developed in the countries in the resilience and competitiveness of nursing towards a prosperous and sustainable health agenda, we meet at the convention center in Havana, Cuba, from November 7 to 11, year 2022.

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Detalles del Evento