International Scientific Convention University of Havana 2023

The University of Havana, on the eve of its 295th anniversary, to be celebrated on January 5, convenes the International Scientific Convention “Universidad de La Habana 2023”, to be held between May 29 and June 2 next year at the University of Havana.
The Convention should promote the balance of knowledge, as well as its projection in key development areas of diverse fields of knowledge in this institution. The Convention hosts various events on biotechnology and biomedical sciences; renewable energies; environment and sustainable development; basic sciences; local development; problems of higher education in the 21st century; economic and public administration issues; relations with the United States; public policies; cultural, archival, and heritage processes. It is aimed at scientists and academics from the country and the world, as well as students.
The University of Havana welcomes you. It will be a pleasure to count on your presence and experience at this important event.

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Detalles del Evento
Detalles del Evento