The Cuban Society of Health Psychology and the National Group of Psychology of the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Cuba, convene the IX INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY, PSICOSALUD 2022, to be held from November 16 to 18, 2022, at the Tryp Habana Libre Hotel, Cuba.

The intention of this important meeting is that those attending it can develop a fluid and broad exchange of ideas on methodological, theoretical and practical aspects of Health Psychology, as a specific discipline, and its link with other specializations and fields of knowledge that have human health as an object of study.

The presence of a plurality of approaches and multi and interdisciplinary work, as in other editions, will guarantee knowing the valid contributions that are being made internationally in terms of highlighting the growing role of the psyche –and its equal recognition– in the promotion, prevention , treatment, rehabilitation and determination of health.

Prominent and recognized figures from all continents will meet in Havana, a city that with five centuries of history will become the venue for psychological knowledge and work, with a single shared distinction: Working for the health of the human being.

Aware of the high responsibility that working for the development of psychological science means, Cuban psychologists and psychologists, together with colleagues from other latitudes, will work to celebrate an event of high scientific and academic quality.

More than 50 years of professional practice constitute an unquestionable guarantee that we will know how to share with humility, with all those who decide to accompany us, to also show us their experiences and, therefore, learn from them, as an essential premise that derives from a dynamic of scientific exchange. and human. This also motivates us to invite everyone to share science, culture, art and history and to fill this beautiful city with the joyful presence of those who will make it more universal and fuller in those days. We assure you that the proverbial Cuban hospitality will reign, to also ensure the success of our scientific party.

We are waiting for you,

Dr. Alberto E. Cobian Mena

President of the Organizing Committee

SCPS President

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Detalles del Evento